Tahzib al-Akhlaq by Bakikhanov

“Education of Morality” is the main philosophical work of Abbasgulu agha Bakikhanov. It was written in 1248 AH (1832/33 CE) aiming to promote the improvement of education and upbringing of the younger generation. According to the author, this work is “a moral philosophy based on the teachings of sacred books, as well as Greek, Arab, and European philosophers”. The manuscript “Education of Morals” (“Tahḏīb al-Aḵlāq”) was written by Bakikhanov in Persian and was published in Russian for the first time in 1983. This English version is translated by Chat-GPT4 from that edition. The initial chapters of this manuscript were published in 1888 in the original language without indicating the author in the Kəşkül newspaper, published in Tiflis in the Azerbaijani language.

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Memoirs of a Baku Mayor – Free book

"Memoirs of a Baku Mayor" is a reflective and detailed account of Alexander Novikov's tenure as the head of Baku city. It delves into the challenges and intricacies of urban governance, shedding light on the conflicts between various administrative bodies and the impact of political and personal interests on city management. The narrative presents an introspective journey of a city head, navigating through bureaucratic hurdles, financial constraints, and resistance to reforms. It portrays the struggle to implement change and modernize the city's infrastructure amidst prevailing corruption and inefficiency. The memoir also highlights the author's philosophical musings on leadership, responsibility, and the essence of public service, offering a unique perspective on the complexities of municipal governance in a rapidly changing socio-political landscape. The story culminates with the author's resignation, providing a candid look at the triumphs and failures of his administration and his personal growth through these experiences.

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